Meeting#5 [April 18th, 2012]

Hi guys, for those who were absent in today's meeting, we have decided on a few events we can do in the next few weeks.

1) Food sales as we have discussed in the first meeting. We are currently debating on whether we should sell onigiri or yakisoba. Any ideas for this would be good. Some of us think that something with a stronger smell might attract more people. Though we could easily do blatant self-advertising with the help of the actor's group in the Kabuki club. I will contact the Students' Association to see whether we need permission to run this event and follow up on it should it require a formal application.

2) Movie night. This is something we do repeatedly over the span of a few weeks. The idea is that we show a movie and anyone can watch it with a gold coin donation. We are coming up with a list of good Japanese films (both animated and not) and would appreciate contributions to this list. Don't bother listing more Ghibli films, we've already listed all the good ones. The problem with this is that we are unsure as to whether we would need to obtain permission for this event. Miho will be contacting the ANU Film club to enquire about procedures. Nobody wants to get arrested. Copyright is there for a reason afterall.

3) Separate from the normal food sale, we might end up having a bake sale. Rachel and Vickie are going to try making dorayaki and maybe macha cupcakes(?) to see how it goes. Everyone loves good desserts, right?

Other things of varying importance:

1) James has brought an ACT grant (other than the Nara grant) to our attention and he will be following up on it. For this, we will need an itinerary. It doesn't have to be 100% decided but we should create a... basic idea of what we will do in 7-10 days in Japan. We are currently assuming that there will be a total of 4 shows in Japan, two in Nara and two in Osaka but other than that, things are generally a big blank. With the documents we have received from Masaya, we are able to estimate a price but things might have changed and we will have to go over everything twice if not thrice. As I have mentioned before, James will be reading up on the grants while Miho and I try to arrange the information into a brochure/leaflet/timetable/whatever.

2) Logo. I know that we may have... delegated CN to design the logo a couple of meetings back but feel free to design something if you feel like it! Choice is good!

3) I have heard that the College of Asia-Pacific Studies (CAP) has a couple of grants so I will be the one following up on that.

4) As Miho has mentioned, meetings have been moved to Wednesday, 4:30pm. No, we didn’t refer to the timetables this time but considering that there's the Language Exchange on Monday, which people may be interested in (it's quite fun, really), there's been a bit of a clash.

5) Chocolates. As we have decided in the last meeting, we will be getting 10 boxes as a start. :)

Things of considerably less importance:

1) Re: the website. There's a profile page for the members of this group and you have the option of putting your picture up and a short passage about yourself. It could be a list of likes/dislikes/blood type/whatever floats your boat. you can send that to me via Facebook message.

2) We have a gmail account. We will be using that google account to upload documents regarding the meetings and other decisions. Please contact me for the password.

3) We have plans to film/take pictures of our events and meetings. If you are uncomfortable with your face being uploaded on the internet, please do let us know in advance.

- N.


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